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M'asaSupu Night is governed by a committee of exceptional individuals, all inspired by a mission of promoting development in Mombasa County. Together we are excited about the opportunity to support innovation, inspire change and collective action through crowdfunding and micro-grants, creativity, collaboration, trust and fun. We want to ensure that M'asaSupu Night is an example of a transparent, wholly inclusive, learning initiative.  


Meet the faces breathing life into M'asaSupu Night below.

Mohamed Gharib.jpg


Mohamed is an independent monitoring and evaluation data consultant, co-founder of a recruit platform and is VP of 1000 Alternative, a social impact fund with a presence in Southern African and Southeast Asia.  

Mohamed has a deep desire to give back to the society in Mombasa.

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Brigite has a background is Industrial Design and Technology and Digital Design - mostly UX/UI. More recently, she has taken a foray into agriculture and we expect agritech to be involved soon!

Brigite grew up in Mombasa and is very passionate about projects for change and development in the area. Hardly surprising, she is excited about projects using tech/design to solve a pressing local challenges!

Kelvin Asige.jpg


Kelvin is a Civil and Commercial Litigation Advocate practicing in Kenya. He is trained in both Kenya and England & Wales jurisdictions. Kelvin also teaches law at the University of Nairobi. And he also loves to sing!

Kelvin is interested in anything that will get the youth innovating and finding solutions for themselves and ultimately the community as a whole.

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Julius has over 20 years' experience in development work, enterprise development, product design and training with a particular interest in innovation and livelihood projects. He is the founder and team leader of Common Interest, an organisation involved in enterprise capacity building, peer support, projector hire and design and build of childrens toys.

Julius would love to see more local products in the retail space and conventional value chains. 

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Cindy is an international development consultant with experience in the youth unemployment, education and market-based approaches. She is the founder of MombasaWorks - a learning and coworking space in Mombasa. 

Cindy wants to see more local and private resources go towards development in the country. 

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