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Submitting an application is completely free. M’asaSupu Night provides the opportunity for entrants to present their ideas in a public forum. Applicants register and participate at their own risk.


The M’asaSupu Night Committee will shortlist applications after the closing date. Up to 5 applications will be selected based on the information provided in the application form. The Committee has the sole discretion to remove any individual or team for any reason that it deems appropriate before and/or during the shortlisting process.


By applying to pitch at M’asaSupu you acknowledge that the project you submit is your own original work or intellectual property; and that you have the exclusive and unfettered right to share this information.


M’asaSupu does not retain any equity or ownership of the project upon application. You retain full and exclusive ownership of your submission and intellectual property rights. Any project you submit will only be used for the purpose of evaluating your application to M’asaSupu night.


All entrants should be aware that finalists’ pitches will be presented in a public forum. Confidentiality is not guaranteed in any way by M’asaSupu. Applicants should exclude sensitive or confidential information from their pitches and not include confidential material in your applications/submissions. M’asaSupu its members, agents, employees and any of its Partners and Investors shall not be held liable to the Applicants for any infringement of the Applicant’s Intellectual Property.


By submitting your entry to the competition, you give us permission to use the information provided by you in your entry and during your participation in the pitch (including your personal details, logos and photos uploaded by you and taken during events) for the purposes of shortlisting and for any purpose connected to the competition and for promotional purposes. Applicants agree that submissions may be shared with our committee members and our partners.

Each entrant agrees to indemnify and hold harmless M’asaSupu its members, agents, employees and any of its Partners and Investors from and against any liabilities, losses, claims, demands, costs (including legal costs) and expenses arising from any third parties in connection with any breach or alleged breach by the applicant of any representation, terms or conditions of registration or participation in the competition that is connected with their submission.

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