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M'asaSupu night is a crowdfunding event where we gather over a meal to listen to, and provide no-strings-attached grants for ideas and projects improving the lives of people in Mombasa County.

As the hosts of M'asaSupu night, we are convinced of the following:


  1. Resources to support socio-economic development exist locally

  2. Our local community - ordinary working young men and women - are a force committed to doing good (socially, economically, environmentally)

  3. There is more accountability and better outcomes when social/development projects are funded locally

  4. Ideas deserve a chance too!​

M'asaSupu night is a safe space where ordinary people get to inspire and be inspired to collectively move the community forward. M'asaSupu night is for anyone interested in supporting local ideas, people and projects working to bring about social and economic development right here in Mombasa; and for people who aspire to be/are change agents and want to share their journey, find collaborators, look for inspiration and have fun! 


What do we want to achieve with M’asaSupu night? 


  • Dialogue: create a safe space to discuss issues that affect us Mombasa

  • Collaboration: create a platform for people to forge new relationships

  • Inspire: individual and collection action to address issues that affect our community

  • Demonstrate: local resources exist to support local development

  • Spur: creativity and innovation in solving local issues

A grassroots micro-funding venture of sorts, M'asaSupu night was inspired by The Kijiji’s Nairobi Stew and the Global Soup movement which began in Detroit in 2010. We are grateful to them for sharing their experience with us, and we are excited to be part of spreading the global concept of 'soups' or 'supus' :).


We invite people to come and have a meal for a Ksh 1000/- investment contribution.


After dinner, up-to five local projects will come and give a brief ‘pitch’ to the attendees, followed by a short Q&A.   


After thought and discussion everyone who is in attendance will have a single, confidential vote on the project they think should receive the funds gathered on the night.

The project with the most votes will take home all the funds collected from the evening. That's it! 

See full schedule leading up to a M'asaSupu night here.

MombasaWorks presents an evening of shared stories, ambitious ideas, and audience-funded micro-grants for local change makers.

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