M'asaSupu has its origin in MombasaWorks which began as a coworking space in October 2018 with the objective of providing peaceful, beautiful and productive workspaces for the community of independent professionals and entrepreneurs in Mombasa. We loved the idea of strangers working side-by-side, and the serendipitous encounters and unlikely alliances that could emerge from coworking.


We chose the name ‘MombasaWorks’ so we could serve as a small reflection of the diverse pockets of entrepreneurial energy in Mombasa - people making Mombasa work, as it were.

As well as support the development of new and exciting initiatives improving the economy and the livelihoods therein.

It is this latter goal that led us to launch M’asaSupu, a vehicle to support socio-economic development in Mombasa. We want to do this by mobilising more private resources towards social and public good in our local region. The variety of instruments that can go towards this are as expansive as the M'asaSupu mission itself. But core to all of them is the approach of fostering partnerships and (unlikely)alliances, and our goal of promoting better outcomes through the principles of accountability, trust, community and dignity.


The name we’ve chosen - M'asaSupu – is the short form of Mombasa Supu, or Mombasa Soup. This name is fitting because the first public manifestation of M’asaSupu will be a M’asaSupu night, a live crowdfunding and granting night where we gather over a meal to listen to, and provide no-strings-attached grants for innovative ideas and projects improving the lives of people in Mombasa County.

It’s a grassroots micro-funding venture of sorts bringing the global concept of ‘soups’ - which began in Detroit in 2010 – to Mombasa. Read all about how it works here.

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